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25 years of Walmag

The company WALMAG MAGNETICS from Kroměříž has a history of 25 years  and its quality products are today delivered to fifty countries. She passed through the period of crisis, as well as boom, and after the quarter century is still a major player on field of industial magnets production. Let´s take a peek into the past.

In November 1991, a new company focused on the production of magnetic chucks, mainly for metal industry, was established. It was, at that time, a division of the former state-owned enterprise with a history dating back to the sixties of the 20th century. The privatization and partnership with international Walker Magnetics group has started a new era under the name Walker Pilana Magnetics Ltd., headquartered in the city of Hulín. The company prospered and grew  in the new group. On the beginning, the production was focused on magnetic chucks, but after 2000, the company was capable to produce a fully fledged magnets for lifting, grinding, milling or so called demagnetisers. The products were spread through its own sales network or through retail channels of Walker Magnetics worldwide. In 2008, company´s turnover was about 3,7 mil. EUR and the number of employees approached number 80.

In 2009 and 2010, the entire industry was hitted by  "crisis" and turnover dropped to one-third of the value. The company had to reduce both the number of employees and production facilities and encountered difficult times. Also the market changes played its role in this period, which, over the long history of the company, inevitably had to occur. The previously innovative technology and know-how were increasingly appropriated by Asian manufacturers, who began to flooding the world market with cheap and often low-quality products. Even in this situation, however, Czech production was managed to keep afloat.

Great milestone was acchieved in early 2011, when the company Walker and her original owner from the US decided to terminate all activities in Europe. Czech management saw, on the other hand,  the potential of magnets and refused to bury the company with good foundation and a good product, in addition also an important regional employer, and thus became the new owner of the production and sale plant. The company was. after the previous difficult period, not in  a quite good financial condition, but with great effort, she managed to set off on the right path. Then,  the company got its current name WALMAG, changed the site of action, and moved into the Magneton (company) industrial area in Kroměříž. Thanks to the friendly approach by Rovina and Magneton companies was crated an opportunity to start a new development.

WALMAG is a 100% Czech company, which without any interruption continues the tradition of quality. She invested in machinery and training of the employees, and manages to expand into new markets worldwide. The bet on innovation and development has paid off. Under the brand WALMAG, we can find several protected industrial designs. Turnover in 2015 and 2016 returned to 3,7 mil. EUR and the team of company´s employees counts over 50 persons.

The company plans for future years  include the development in both technology and marketing. The quality Czech products should be much higher awareness and not only Czech customers would have preferred to cheap but rerely quality "China." The aim of WALMAG company is to expand to other countries, although already deliveres to more than fifty of them.

None of the above would be possible without good employees, so this is why the company WALMAG thanks to all current and former employees and welcomes new.